Jewellery Services

Jewellery Services

We provide a full range of services for clients including diamond brokering, upgrading, buying and supplying.


You could have a special message engraved on the inside of a wedding ring or add some initials to personalise a pair of cufflinks. We are also able to produce signet rings with your family seal.

Insurance Estimates

If you need help with an insurance claim for lost or stolen jewellery, we are here to assist. From your descriptions, examining similar items in our stock, your receipts and/or photographs, we can provide a written estimate for your insurance company. We always advise that you take at least one or two photographs of any new jewellery you purchase as it helps us recreate the same jewellery should it get lost or stolen.

Pearl and Bead Restringing

Restringing of beads and pearls is carried out by our trusted expert who has been with the Jewellery Studio from its inception. No matter how well you care for your row of pearls, if they are worn regularly, the pearls will wear through the silk they are threaded on. At some point they will need restringing. We can restring them for you and also have a selection of clasps should you want to replace your current clasp at the same time.

We also make up pearl necklaces and bracelets to order, in traditional cream or white colours.

Polishing and Cleaning

Even the most cherished pieces of jewellery may become a little dirty or slightly scratched. In the Jewellery Studio we can polish and clean your jewellery right back to its original radiant brilliance. Shallow scratches can be removed with a light polish, whilst deeper scratches and dents will need to be emery-papered before polishing. We can also finish your jewellery with brushed or sandblasted finishes if you prefer the satin/matt look.

Recycling your Gold

Do you have any old jewellery hidden away or sitting in a box somewhere? It may be time to dig it out! We may be able to use gemstones to completely re-design your jewellery into something you can wear everyday. We can easily add extra gold or supply new gemstones to make your new piece of jewellery. If you have a sentimental wedding ring passed down through the generations, you might like to use this as your wedding ring but you may want to modernise the design. We can melt it down, remake it in a design that you will find acceptable.

Repair and Restoration Work 

We carry out all types of repair work, from simple ring sizing and chain soldering to more complicated re-tipping and remounting work. 

Whether you are looking for ring sizing, new shanks, new settings, soldering charms, retouching damaged enamel, shortening chains or changing earring fittings from clips to posts, we can help.

Also, if you have been wearing a ring for a long time and find that you are unable to remove it, we can carefully cut it off. We then take an accurate finger size and rejoin the ring and polish it so you would never know any work has been done!

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is a platinum group metal and is commonly used to plate some white gold jewellery. It gives white gold a brighter, silvery white colour. It is also used occasionally on silver jewellery. It is an inert metal and does not tarnish but can wear off over time.

White Gold cannot be mined but is a result of yellow gold being mixed or alloyed with a white metal such as palladium or silver. Inevitably a small amount of yellow colour is still evident in even the whitest alloys, so this is why we rhodium plate rings.

Any 18ct White Gold Jewellery made at the Jewellery Studio will be made using a special high palladium alloy which is even whiter than a standard white gold alloy, and is hand polished. When necessary we will rhodium plate the settings of our jewellery.

Stone Setting 

Setting is the securing of gemstones into a piece of jewellery. Whether you have a diamond pendant, an engagement ring or stone-set earrings, it is more than likely they will have passed through the skilled hands of our dedicated workshop team. 

Supplying and sourcing gemstones - diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, peridot, pearls, tourmalines, amethysts, turquoise, aquamarines and cubic zirconia are all available in a variety of sizes and cuts.

We can also source stones to fit your requirements for a piece of jewellery you would like to have made up. We can have stones sent to us on ‘appro’ (short term borrowing) so you have a selection you can pick and choose from to get the right stone for you.

If you have lost a precious gemstone from your ring, you can bring it to us for a replacement stone and we will carefully check against our large stock of loose gem stones to ensure we find the best match in both colour and cut, our stone setters will then fix the stone into the ring, making sure any other stones are secure.

Valuation Services

Its important to keep our jewellery valuations up to date, particularly in light of the rising prices of gold and diamonds. Whether it be for insurance purposes, or for probate, Roger Williams can check and value your jewellery. Roger will personally check the condition of your jewellery and advise re any repair work if necessary. Worn claws can result in the loss of precious stones, so checking these is vital.

As part of our valuation service, we will also polish, clean and photograph your items for inclusin in the valuation document (which specifies a description of your item and its value). Cost is £65 per item. If there is more than 1 item,the cost is £65 for the first item, and £40 per item thereafter.

Roger Williams' work is based upon 30 years of experience in the Jewellery Trade.

Wax Carving 

This is done by hand to produce a ring model - Even with all the precision and exacting dimensions of CAD/CAM, there is often a need for a more organic and natural feel to a piece of jewellery. We can carve from wax using hand tools here at the Jewellery Studio.


After discussing your ideas, we are able to use CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology to fully illustrate our designs for each inquiry. Realistic, virtual photographs show exactly how the finished jewellery will look, illustrating each piece in a clearer way than ever before. This takes out the ‘guess work’ that a drawn-up design may leave you with. CAD allows us to produce beautiful images, precise models and spectacular results, all within a short time frame.

Recent Commissions

Our Latest Designs

            Diamond & Platinum Eternity Ring

Diamond & Platinum Eternity Ring

Diamond Eternity Ring in Platinum. Designed to snuggle up tightly to our customer's Engagement Ring and Wedding Band.

            Blue Sapphire & Diamond Dress Ring

Blue Sapphire & Diamond Dress Ring

A great way to recycle disused earrings! One of two identical pieces, this beautiful Sapphire & Diamond Ring was made using preexisting stones from a pair earrings - the perfect gifts for our customer's two daughters.

            Double Row Bar Set Eternity Ring

Double Row Bar Set Eternity Ring

CAD-Designed, Platinum Double Row Bar Set Diamond Eternity Ring, made using customer's existing diamonds.

            ‘Circle of Life’ Pendant

‘Circle of Life’ Pendant

Beautiful 18ct white gold & diamond ‘Circle of Life’ pendant, 1.13ct £2200.

            Diamond Pendant

Diamond Pendant

Diamond Pendant in 18ct white gold. 0.51ct of diamonds. Can be made solely with diamonds, or with a combination of different precious stones.

            Sapphire & Diamond Dress Ring

Sapphire & Diamond Dress Ring

Stunning Diamond & Sapphire Dress Ring in platinum. Beautifully marries a 1.04ct AAA Grade Sapphire with our customer's existing 0.25ct Brilliant Cut Round Diamond.

            Art Deco Inspired

Art Deco Inspired

The very best AAA Ceylon Saphire with Brilliant Cut Diamonds set in platinum.

            Bubble Engagement Ring

Bubble Engagement Ring

A show-stoppingly beautiful Diamond & Platinum Bubble Engagement Ring. The total diamond weight is an impressive 2.90cts.